Seder 2014

jaime slicing lamb  Jaime slicing the lamb jaime slicing lamb2  Jaime slicing the lamb jemm  Jemm getting the soup making pancakes  Marshall making matzoh ball
marshall  Marshall making matzoh balls kelly  Kelley cookies potato pancakes jessica with soup  Jaime slicing lamb jaime slicing lamb3  STILL slicing lamb
parsley  Mary setting the table setting out food  Setting the food out waiting  Guests waiting for dinner jaime explaining  Jaime explaining how the Seder is conducted
victor  Victor helping to set out the food crystal and nakisha  Crystal and Nakisha waiting for dinner reading  Readers at the Seder ren and carolyn  Ren & Caroline Lenír
lighting candles  Reading the "mother's" part misc table1  Guests at dinner egg  Readers ryan washing hands  Ceremonial hand washing
ryan1  Waiting for the food washing hands  Gayle pouring water over Jaime's hands donnelle  Dinner guests gayle pouring wine  Gayle pouring wine