Diocese of Fort Worth

General Convention 2015 (photos courtesy Diocese of Fort Worth)
19161930856 a814e862cd o  The Fort Worth deputations, including the ECW and DOK representatives, along with some spouses banner  Welcome! big room  Getting ready to work dais  The dais
19179393772 a39b6dbf4a o  Sharing a bishop, sharing a life 19118838100 957bcae8a0 o  Sewanee 2001 Classmates 18612258854 ac31acee61 o 18997034728 f8c4277905 o  In the Hospitality Room
19258239096 f8917fb284 o  The four provisional bishops that have served the Diocese of Fort Worth since 2009: Scott Mayer (current), Rayford High (3rd), Wallace Ohl (2nd), and Ted Gulick (1st) 19300466312 171041b59a o  Mark 1 of Mission 18685870473 2af1547a35 o  Mark 5 of Mission 19047158908 6272371e29 o  The Walk Against Gun Violence
19228826852 f4e48be00a o  The Walk Against Gun Violence 19047156038 f036f8de3e o  At the Walk Against Gun Violence 19178526119 bfea17c3f7 o  ECW event deputies  Deputies
19307401575 011a52007c o 18997167488 7913010417 o  Katie Sherrod drafting a press release 19266712782 7cdba7f728 o  Presiding Bishop Jefferts-Schori 19047161668 cc3dfdddca o
19058973640 855267de4a o  Before worship 19117630890 5a8ab9462f o  In session response to curry election  Reaction to Bishop Curry's election as Presiding Bishop 18686195653 cb8a2e1d31 o  Presiding Bishop-Elect Curry, Presiding Bishop Jefferts-Schori, and Past Presiding Bishop Griswold
19209429120 b9179ef08f o 19032228200 52ed647dc8 o  Bishop High with Presiding Bishop-Elect Curry 19032349608 45989f4b46 o  Bishop Mayer with Presiding Bishop-Elect Curry 19177142908 1b30c127f5 o