Diocese of Arkansas

General Convention 2015
1  A few of the Arkansas delegation, including the Official Youth Deputy, gearing up for the day 2  "Knitting the Church Together"--from the Rev. Mary Varno, St. Margaret's, Little Rock 4  GENERAL CONVENTION UPDATE  from the Rev. Mary Vano "The 78th General Convention is filled with new things. This is the first 'convention of screens' – rather than notebooks filled with paper, we've all been issued iPads through which we do our business. It's also a convention with a lot of new people. In the House of Deputies, nearly half of all deputies are serving for the first time, and I am one of them. And so I am particularly excited to see what God is doing in the Church – not just in new technology, nor even in the latest generation of faithful people, but in the new ways that we are serving the world as the Episcopal Church." 5  Amelia Mackey from St. Luke's North Little Rock did an amazing job representing the Diocese of Arkansas at the General Convention as a General Convention Official Youth Presence.
3  Presiding Bishop-Elect Curry and Bishop Larry Benfield of Arkansas