Christ Chapel Seder 2016

This event took place at First Lutheran Church, San Marcos.
16Seder plate 1zooey chopping 2jaime mixing 3 kelly chopping 4zoe ironing 5Israeli couscous
6dessert 7marshall with tables 8jaime and table cloths 9Joseph with parsley 10Angie 11Pouring water
12pouring water2 13Marshall squeezing lemons 14Jaime with lamb 15table set 17Jaime with two students 18Marty and Juice
19Marty pouring water 20two students 21Nathan checking chairs 22priest laughing 23setting table 24Marty and priest
25Ren 26Talking 27Kellie 28talking2 29Jaime talking 30Larry and Gary laughing
31head table grinning 32Left table 33nathan talking with priest 34middle of table 35middle of table visiting 36lenirs
37Marty's friends 38Nicole Marie and student 38table on the right 40Catholic students